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Testimonials from people I've helped

After helping someone: "Thank you. I spent three hours trying to figure out that problem in MS Word. You did it in fifteen minutes and got the product. You saved the day for me. Thanks mucho!" -- P.M.

After computer tutoring: "Today I did a training session with you. I have been out of the work force for 15 years and needed training on Word Processing. You made it a breeze to refresh my skills and a breeze learning new skills." -- S.B.

After computer tutoring: "I was amazed at how simple yet thorough you kept your computer lesson. It was an easy gradient and you discovered what I already knew and took it from there. As a result I am eager to learn and am excited about making all kinds of lists to work with on my Excel. I also feel I can really start to get my feet wet in the area and even show others how to do it! I thoroughly recommend your services to anyone who wants to cut through the computer "B.S." and get to the brass tacks!" -- K.H.

After doing a project for a company: "I highly value all you did for us, which was huge in such a short span of time. And all you did to organize a very unorganized area was a great contribution." -- N.A.

After helping someone spiritually: "I cannot tell you how ecstatic I was to be able to get the help from you! I had been asking for it (from others) for over two years! And I was so concerned to get this handled before my second surgery. I occasionally look at the picture you took of me and recall that extreme pleasure moment. Your help was so essential and so well-done and professional and so... I can't express it. It is one of the best of my wins." -- S.S.

After helping someone: "Let me take this opportunity to thank you for ALL your INCREDIBLE work on this line." -- A.A.

After I helped work out and smooth the workflows in an office: "I am grateful to you for putting all of the lines there. That is my very weak point. With the lines there, I can do anything." -- N.F.

After helping someone with their website: "Thank you! This is the best help I ever got!! And I learned a lot... A LOT! I have to save this email! I'd never made a web site before. Now the hard part... settling on one artwork/wallpaper. I still saved a lot of money on design!" -- D.R.

After helping to create an online community: "It's been a tremendous resource and I really appreciate you investing your time and energy to do this for our community." -- B.W.

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