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Professional Scanning of Documents

I do professional scanning of paper files for electronic archival.

Why would you need this service? Are your filing cabinets overstuffed? Are you planning a move and you don't want to move large quantities of paper files? Do you want to clear out your old files but can't quite let go of them? I can convert your overstuffed filing cabinets to e-files where you can keep multiple copies in tiny locations (CDs in your filing cabinet, the safe deposit box, the closet, etc.).

My equipment: I have a professional scanning machine which scans both sides of a document at one time, and can convert your files into PDF files for your computer. I can use any file naming convention you want, and can OCR the files if you need that. (OCR = Optical Character Recognition, which creates a file that is searchable with Adobe Reader.) All projects are done at my private office in Clearwater Florida.

Personal service and handling: I can even handle stapled, torn, folded or oddly-sized papers, since the job is done by hand. You will get a professional result on your scanning projects.

What you get: Your papers will be returned to you for storage or disposal. Your new electronic files are provided to you on new computer CDs or DVDs, or by internet upload on a private domain (not a publicly available file server). Sorry, but I won't accept your memory sticks or disks as they can contain autoloading viruses which may affect my equipment.

Cost: I charge only $25.00 per hour.

Privacy: I don't bother to read what I'm scanning; just enough to be able to do the job. (Is it right-side up? Does this page go with that one?) I do not retain e-copies of your files, and I will not disclose your files to anyone else.

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