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How to get your outflow email read by others: So how do you get your email read? (Read more)

What is a "moderated" email list? Simply put, a moderated email list is one where each message submitted by a subscriber to a list is read first by a moderator who approves or rejects each message before it is distributed to the rest of the subscribers of the email list. But people sometimes have misconceptions about why moderating might be used on to an email list. Or they get moderating mixed up with negative ideas about censorship or restrictions to their freedom of speech. What is it, really? (Read more)

How to handle large volumes of incoming email: Too much email? Ready to throw out your email address in favor of a new one nobody knows yet? Swamped by so much email you donít know where to begin? Nowadays... (Read more)

How to handle spam without cutting your established communication lines (Read more)

The origin of the word "Spam" as it relates to the Internet (Read more)

Book review: The best book of the nineteenth century! I've recently had the most delightful pleasure of reading one of the best books ever -- Uncle Tom's Cabin: or, Life among the Lowly by Harriet Beecher Stowe. (Read more)

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