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Accomplishments & Skills

I have many accomplishments. Below are some of them.

Internet, email lists and website management

Internet: I set up a members-only community website and ran it for five years with moderate growth. This Internet community had out-lived all other similar websites.

Website quality control: I worked on a mid-sized e-commerce website and scanned product images, wrote copy, edited, did quality control and correction, did search engine optimization, wrote the catalog and the newsletters and sent it out.

Website resurrection: During the "dot-com-goes-bust" era I helped a company handle a dangerous situation of a perpetually low number of users returning to their website (an important factor for the income and continued existence of this company). This company needed to increase that number immediately as it was costing them money spent on wasted advertising dollars and loss of customers already paid for with earlier advertising dollars. I found the reasons why and recommended changes and corrections to the website and ensured that these changes were done. The number of returning users increased dramatically, and continued on a steep increase for a full two months until the numbers were in a new high range that was then considered an indication of "viability" for that company.

Websites: I have made numerous websites and can help you get started with a website including helping to get you signed up with a domain name, getting your email addresses set up, and get your website up and running.

Mailing lists and email I am experienced in running mailing lists, both from a technical (techie) standpoint as well as from a policy standpoint. If you want to start using mailing lists and don't know how to get started, call me.

Executive and management

Manager of programmers: I worked for a company that writes and produces software products. I was in charge of a team of programmers - three local, four remote (USA and overseas), and an overseas team of programmers - as well as three on-site non-technical personnel. I scheduled projects, debugged slows in projects, projected future demands and resources, debugged slows in individual employee production, and ensured production occured in quantity and with quality. In one year, I got my team to complete a huge backlog of programming tasks that customers had been requesting for years as well as having the programming team keep up with the current requests and bug fixes that were needed on an immediate basis.

Production Executive: I took an area of a company which was in a condition of confusion (disarray and no production) and brought it up into a normal and efficient operating condition. I worked out all the flow lines with the other divisions and created procedures to handle all the usual work tasks. It was decided by management to have this new division and I was put in charge. I established it. I worked out what the usual particles (work items to handle) were and how they were to be handled. I investigated where some of the major money "losses" in the company were going (a dangerous situation that needed immediate handling) and submitted a policy recommendation covering my findings and the solution. That policy was accepted by management and implemented.

Personnel department: I hired computer-programming personnel for a company; including advertising for open positions, evaluating resumes, and interviewing applicants. I evaluated computer software tools and programs and made recommendations to management of this new startup company. I created the procedures for getting newly hired personnel trained and productive, including study checklists to train new employees on basic company policies and procedures. I handle all newly employed personnel and ensured they studied and got through their study checklists swiftly and correctly. I compiled an entire Employee Handbook for the company and compiled all of the policies of the company into an accessible medium which included a published manual and an intranet.

Apprenticing juniors: I have successfully apprenticed many juniors and replacements for positions I have held. I can quickly and easily write up a complete policy and procedure manual for training any replacement for a post I have held. I can also train a junior to competently handle their own post.

Administrative & Office

Treasury: I single-handedly ran the treasury department (accounting: income, disbursements, collections, records) for a mid-sized company, including reconciling of high-volumes of transactions (due to the nature of an online business selling with credit cards).

Data entry: In a single week, I took 2,000 handwritten 3x5 address cards and entered them into a computer, printed out postcards and mailed them out.

Data entry: I have been clocked at typing 90 words per minute and I'm accurate. One office manager with an entire staff at her disposal used to pay my high computer consulting rates just to have me enter her end-of-month financial figures. When I asked her "Why me," she answered: "Because I know YOU will get it right and I won't have to find and fix the errors!"

Word and Excel: I am a super-user of these two programs and I can help you set up office tools, databases, or can publish your employee handbooks and other publications, or edit and clean up your existing documents. I also teach people to use these programs.

QuickBooks: I am a good user of QuickBooks and can help you set up your books, get some data entered, answer questions, or straighten out some problems you've had with it. I have quite a bit of experience working with computers in Treasury and Accounting departments.

Organization: I can help you organize your office or your house. I have helped many people to organize their homes and their offices to help their productivity or peace of mind.

Programming, Data Processing management and technical support

Computer programmer: I worked on a Y2K (Year 2000) programming project to move an accounting software package from an old "legacy" computer (a DEC PDP-11) to a new computer (an Alpha) using DIBOL programming language. I did programming, testing and debugging. I was one of only two programmers who completed this entire task.

Technical Support for software company: I brought a company's tech support area from the poor condition of "only 20% calls handled within 24 hours and the rest sometime later... maybe", to the excellent condition of "90% handled within a half-day, 8% handled within 24 hours, 2% handled later by programming department as software bugs fixed for next software release". During this job I learned the Visual Basic language and wrote test programs for their products (software components for programmers to use with their own Visual Basic and FoxPro programming) in order to handle customer queries and problems. I wrote Visual Basic "show me" programs for the programming department in order to illustrate real bugs so they could be seen, fixed and tested. I wrote articles for the tech support section of the company's website describing known problems and their solutions.

Streamlined accounts payable post: While originally working in the capacity as a computer programmer for the office manager of a mid-sized construction supplies company, I actually took on one of the accounting department positions: the Accounts Payable job. While doing the functions of that administrative job, I modified existing computer programs and wrote new ones to better automate the job and streamline the paper flows. The workload of the position went from a full-time 40 hours per week job to a mere 3 hours per week. When I completed my programming tasks, I gave the post back to the office manager and she never thereafter hired anyone else to do the job, but instead did the job herself (even though for the prior 15 years there had always been a full-time accounts payable person employed under this office manager). Programming was done in Business Basic on Data General computers and a DG-compatible, Unix-based computer.

Migration of data from one computer system to another: I worked out the process to take data from one computer (a Data General) to a PC and I used Microsoft Excel to graph special management and financial reports. I wrote a manual so that other personnel could handle the procedures of this once-weekly migration and the printing of the reports. This project was necessary because the old "legacy" computer on which the company ran their accounting was not capable of doing the tasks that were usual and ordinary in a PC.

Programmer: The problem: Over the years, a computer consulting company had sold their customers a "canned" (pre-packaged) software system and then the customers paid the consulting company to "customize" that software to suit their specific requirements. However, the manufacturer of the "canned" software had made changes to their software and corrected thousands of bugs over the years (all carefully documented and published and sent to the consulting company). The problem was what to now do with the consulting company's 10-12 customers who paid for customized changes two or three years prior but who were routinely experiencing those same bugs which the manufacturer already corrected in their standard "canned" version? How do you merge two sets of programs (each with hundreds of programs in a set) which originally started out the same but have now diverged into two different sets of programs?
The solution: I handled the customer's programs personally. This required being very detail-oriented, precise, and understanding both the bug fixes from the manufacturer as well as the custom changes made for the customer. For about ten customer systems, I fully upgraded their systems to the manufacturer's latest software version while retaining each customer's customized changes which they had already paid for (some customers had three-year old versions). Each of these upgrades was a major project and greatly reduced the volume of customer calls to the company's tech support lines and greatly increased customer satisfaction and the company's goodwill. This programming was done on an IBM Unix system.

Programmer and Data Processing Manager: Took full responsibility for a company's computing including accounting and statistical programs and system management. I managed an entire migration project from an old out-sourced PDP to a new in-house computer cluster of DEC VAXes. VAX/VMS systems with programs in COBOL, Basic and Datatrieve.

Programmer:I customized a company's order processing system which they continued to use without further modifications for the next 15 years! (at which point they moved to a PC-based accounting system). Programmed in Business Basic on Data General equipment.

Tutoring and Teaching

I have taught adults to read (literacy program). I taught adults math for their GED programs; first as assistant teacher and then with a class of my own. I taught a semester of elementary algebra at the local community college and also, ran the college’s free tutoring program and made it grow. I have instructed in a small professional classroom that taught business people personal and life skills. I have debugged students to find the reasons for the slows in their studies. I have administered correspondence courses. In an office setting, I have taken numberous juniors through several company courses; ensured they understood their materials and debugged them when they were stuck. I have put together courses for companies and gotten their employees through those courses. I have tutored numerous people on computers, basic through advanced skills.

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